The 'Lady Skipper's Program' is one of R Marine's most popular boating programs.

Detailed training in a wide range of boat handling skills
is provided in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Skills range from tying dock lines to anchoring and manoeuvering the boat.

Josie Bain who took part in the program said:

"I now feel much more confident and I understand our boat so much more. I am so keen to learn more. It has made boating more fun for me.

"I am going for my boating licence and will now be much more aware of what is going on," she said. "I am sure John thinks it is great because we now discuss different things concerning the boat, whereas before I didn't have a clue. It has made us a lot more excited about boating.

"My thoughts on courses like these are that
, if the partner has a good understanding on the procedures and knowledge of what the vessel is all about, it makes for much more of a team effort. We feel encouraged to learn more and this only encourages us to boat more."

Anna Hardy agreed.

"Even though I have been around boats for a number years, I still learned to do things 'smarter'."

Learning the ropes.

Learning the ropes.


At the helm.



Barbara Mallon said: "The program has given me more confidence and knowledge around boats... so much so, that I strongly support Terry in his ambition to upgrade."

Cathy Young said: "I learned many new things about our boat that I can put into practice whenever Geoff and I go exploring the Bay."



Securing the vessel.

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