It’s remarkable how a boat can help a family connect.

Sharing time together in a picture-perfect, relaxed environment can restore balance to the scattered lives we all lead.

Some of this effect can be achieved, of course, in almost any object that floats. But we suggest the magic works much better if the boat is stylish, reliable, roomy, luxurious and safe.

Riviera luxury boats – while all different – are designed to provide precisely those advantages. But when you invest in a Riviera, you benefit from something more: An entire extended family of like-minded owners. Not just in South Australia but right around the world.

Whether the boat you buy is new or pre-owned, you gain automatic membership to an Owners’ Club and access to exciting events, club facilities at boat shows, fishing and golfing tournaments, cruising convoys, overseas tours and cruises, your own exclusive magazine and much more. In a thousand additional ways, though, you’ll find your own new family of friends out there in all the bays, beaches and estuaries you explore.

Fellow-owners tend to look out for each other. They’ll help you navigate new waters, pass on boating or fishing advice, swap recipes as well as stories, recover the dinghy your kids didn’t tether too well, or gladly lend you a cup of sugar or a couple of bottles of wine to tide you over until you reach port.

Occasionally, they may invite you to raft up and share impromptu hospitality. Or equally, respect your space, and leave you to be as reflective as you want.

Out there in quiet anchorages, there’s rarely any pressure – in any sense. Beyond that again, there’s yet another supportive family – R Marine.

Working away behind the scenery, R Marine provides extra reassurance: on-water assistance; a fleet of mobile service vans; extensive inventories of spare parts; and a team of factory trained technicians to smooth out glitches and servicing.

All of this distinguishes the R Marine network.

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