Riviera service academy enhances the ultimate boating experience

A team of 25 of Australia’s most skilled and experienced marine technicians and engineers came together recently for a three-day training and service academy hosted by Riviera, Australia’s premium luxury motor yacht builder.

Together, they represented the strong skills of the R Marine network of Riviera dealerships around Australia, eager to grow their knowledge of the latest systems and technologies being employed on luxury motor yachts.

The service academy took participants through the entire yacht production process at Riviera’s 16-hectare state-of-the-art facility on Queensland’s Gold Coast, from lamination to timber and varnish, stainless steel fit-out through to waterfront quality control and audit. They also learned details of Riviera’s latest safety systems, vessel care, maintenance and system connectivity, designed to make boating with Riviera easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Sharm Brown, service manager at R Marine Jones on the Gold Coast, said he has seen immediate benefits from the course.

“We have been able to provide even more detailed information to our owners to further enhance their knowledge of their yacht and its systems,” he said.

“Perhaps the most important aspect of the course was learning new diagnostic skills and procedures across the current 24-model Riviera collection.

“I was also deeply impressed by the level of workmanship being put into the yachts.”

Stuart Eddy joined the R Marine Perth team just prior to the three-day program after working for many years on superyachts around the world.

“It was an amazing experience for me,” he said. “The entire program was very well organised. The presenters both within Riviera and among suppliers were very open and honest and their depth of knowledge was incredible.

“Listening to the other technicians during the many workshop sessions was very helpful as I learned about their experiences and outcomes.

“I was particularly impressed by the flexibility of the CZone technology. I had not come across so much programmability on superyachts. The fleet Siren Marine system will help us a great deal in supporting our owners.”

Glen Secombe, service manager at R Marine Jacksons in Melbourne, was grateful for the detailed explanations of the new Siren Marine remote yacht monitoring system that is provided with every new Riviera yacht.

“Hearing first-hand from the Siren representatives gave us a new insight into this powerful technology.

“A very valuable insight was gained in one of the electrical workshops where we covered in-depth the various types of lithium battery technology and the specific Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries fitted to selected new Riviera models. We did not know there were so many variations among lithium batteries and that they all serve different purposes. We have been able immediately to share this information with our customers.

“We all appreciated the openness and genuine desire to assist us in every aspect of our owner service delivery shown by every member of the team at Riviera. They were all very interested to hear from us as well, as we all wanted to learn and grow from the experience.”

Josh Nash, service adviser at R Marine Dillon in Sydney, said: “It is extremely encouraging to see every aspect of the Riviera build process so focused on excellence, whether through new tools to enhance precision or processes like resin infusion which is directly used in all of our current models, decreasing weight and increasing strength and uniformity.”

Riviera hosted the participants to a series of social events over the three-day period to encourage interaction and exchanges to further build the nation-wide team.

Chris Attard, Riviera’s Dealer and Owner Care Senior Technical Manager, said the three day academy comprising more than 20 workshops is a part of an annual program conducted by Riviera focused on developing the skills of its dealer network teams.

“In December, we will host our international service managers in the same program to learn, to listen and to exchange ideas, all created to ensure Riviera owners enjoy their ultimate boating experience” he said.

It was an enlightening opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the latest systems and technologies being used on Riviera motor yachts.

Riviera’s 16-hectare state-of-the-art facility on Queensland’s Gold Coast, is the largest luxury motor yacht building facility in the southern hemisphere.

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